Weihenstephan Brewery

Weihenstephan Brewery

The World’s Oldest Brewery,' The ‘Sacred Stephen’ or Weihenstephan brewery  overlooks the town of Freising in Germany. In 1040AD,  the city granted Abbot Arnold the right to brew and sell beer- making them the World’s first licensed brewery.

It has also been established that the Benedictine monks had brewed their own beer much earlier than this. Even as early as 768AD a hops garden was founded in the grounds of the monastery, the harvest of which was certainly brewed in the monastery.


The reputation of the Weihenstephan brewers- as true masters of their craft- has gone from strength to strength- with centuries of brewing experience.Today’s modern commercial brewery and the world’s best known ‘University of Brewing’ occupy the former monastery buildings.

The Weihenstephan brewery maintains close links with the University. Students from around the world are let into the secrets of the Bavarian art-of-brewing.  Many of the world’s best brewers have been trained there and many breweries draw their yeasts from the famous Weihenstephan yeast library.

Weihenstephan combines hundreds of years of brewing experience with the most up-to-date brewing technology and innovation.