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Lambic may be known as one of the oldest beer styles around, yet its versatility knows no equal. With their ‘Botanical Lambics’, Lindemans has created a brand-new beer style, highlighting the unlimited possibilities of balancing the sourness of lambic with some unexpected flavours from botanicals. After the introduction of SpontanBasil (spiced with fresh basil) and BlossomGueuze (flavoured with elderflower), the six- generation family brewery has chosen ginger to ‘dry-spice’ the next addition to the range. 


“We all know ginger as a very powerful spice”, says Geert Lindemans, General Manager of the brewery. “Finding the right balance for this beer was a serious challenge, as we want the spice to complement our  lambic, without overpowering it. That is why we have actually used galangal for this beer. Galangal is part of the ginger family, but more complex in flavour. It took us quite a few batches to get the balance right, but now that we have, we are excited with the result”.


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