Cantillon Brewery

Cantillon Brewery

Steeped in history and tradition, Cantillon is held in the highest regard amongst beer connoisseurs worldwide. Cantillon beers are sour, funky and unique - they are the traditional style sour beers brewed as they were when the brewery first opened over 100 years ago.

Cantillon Brewery also sits alongside the Brussels Gueuze Museum. The non-profit organisation was founded in 1978. It was established at the initiative of Jean-Pierre Van Roy, with the help of a few friends. Back then, the master brewer’s objective was simply to save Cantillon Brewery from bankruptcy.


In order to understand the situation it must be borne in mind that, at that time, spontaneous-fermentation beers and their derived products, which are very much sought out and appreciated nowadays, were considered old fashioned. As such, the idea was to safeguard and promote a brewing tradition which had had its heyday at the beginning of the 20th century.


The resources put into place to make this happen were cultural in nature, i.e. guided tours, exhibitions and public brewing sessions, while also taking advantage of the installations and legacy equipment still being used for production purposes. Cantillon brewery became a working museum, and it’s thanks to the Brussels Gueuze Museum that it made a name for itself far beyond Belgium.


Today, not only is the brewery’s production unable to keep up with demand, it has become a successful international tourist attraction. Finally, when you look at history you can see that the unexpected happens...